God Can Use You to Reach the World - Kyle's article on 40 Days for Life

My brother Kyle has always been so inspiring to me with His heart and devotion to the Lord! When he's not diligently working away at his own lawn care business - meeting customers and sharing his faith whenever possible - you'll find him at home encouraging and disciple-ing his friends, studying and reading books and articles on the hot-button issues of our culture, the Bible and Christian society.  Or you'll see him writing his next book - he's already published two - or writing a myriad of short stories and articles for his blog! He's quite the busy bee to say the least - especially now that he's dove into the realm of college studies now! Wow! 

God's gifted him with such a gift for writing and communication and he's diligently worked at broadening his skills and using them for God's glory. I must say I'm always so proud of him whenever I read his writing thinking, "oh yeah... that's MY brother!!" 

If you've been apart of 40 Days for Life - you've probably experienced and witnessed the amazing transforming power of Christ in our lives! Thank you for stepping out of your comfort zones to reach our community and may this article Kyle wrote of my testimony strengthen and encourage you! 

So thankful for my brother and that he is here today to share the truth and hope of Jesus Christ! He could have been aborted - or I - or my two quadruplet sisters.  But, by God's grace and provision through the amazing faith of my parents, we're all here alive and actually quite normal! :-)  Well... except for Victoria... not only is she shorter than me she has this peculiar addiction to caramel frapp's. :-)  (Inside family jokes... lol!)  :-) 

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