Letter: Pray for the Chance to Bring Truth, Hope and Help to any Woman Impacted by Abortion

Standing in the rain for two days recently, I have joined my daughter and others to stand in the rain on behalf of hope. When some hear the term “pro-life” many negative images come to mind, some that are probably justified.
But I hope you’ll give a hearing to the motive and approach of the people you’ll see on the corner of Main and Yew in Centralia over the next 40 days. The signs we hold will say one thing, “Pray to End Abortion,” and that’s the core of our motive and approach. 
We want to see abortion ended. And we’re praying and showing up because we believe abortion not only kills innocent babies, but also hurts vulnerable women. If you are “pro-choice,” what I believe you to be saying is something like what was shouted out the window of a passing vehicle Thursday, “It’s a woman’s body so #!!?#&!” 
You are deeply offended by the idea that someone thinks they have the right to tell you what you can or can’t do with your own body, right? You believe this is about women’s rights; but would you be willing to consider that it may be about human rights? 
Let me ask you, when did you get your body? Whether you believe in a creator or not, the science of embryology proves that at the moment of conception a new, genetically unique, and fully human individual is brought to life. 
In other words, you were you, and your body was yours, at conception. Through the beautiful design of gestation, women fill the irreplaceable role of “carrying” that new life, until the time of birth. Little can compare to the privilege and responsibility that comes with this “carrying,” and we men have typically done a poor job of honoring the women who do this.
But make no mistake, the body that develops within a woman during gestation is not hers. Her right to choose must be evaluated alongside of her baby’s right to live. Women confronting an unplanned pregnancy are very vulnerable to the idea that what has begun to grow within them is sub-human, and thus disposable. 
This untruth, fueled by despair, often leads to a terrible decision that will only prolong and deepen the pain. So we stand in the rain, praying for the chance to bring truth, hope and help to any woman impacted by the tragedy of abortion, hoping to help some become their baby’s heroic defender, for life! 
I’m so glad my adopted son and daughter’s mom chose to be their hero; I really can’t imagine what our family would be without them. Want to talk? We’re not standing there to condemn you, but to help you find the support, hope and options you need at this difficult time.
Want you join us? Take a look at our guidelines and commitments at https://40daysforlife.com/local-campaigns/centralia/ and sign up to stand with us for the vulnerable women and babies in our community. 
Ted Bowes


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