Letter: Please Judge Ideas - Not People

An unexpected guest joined us outside of Planned Parenthood last Friday. Someone who identified herself as a professor of women’s studies (not sure where) joined our peaceful, prayerful vigil against abortion. 
Well, she didn’t exactly join, but we genuinely hope she will one day. Actually she was there to protest our message and made her own sign that read “Pray to End Judgment.”
We’re glad someone had the courage to come forward and begin the dialogue, even if she was only willing to “talk” through her sign. It’s great progress over those who drive by shouting vulgarities! It takes real courage to stand up against something you judge to be wrong, so we’re grateful she did so. 
When Martin Luther King Jr. claimed that discrimination based on skin color is wrong, many people who believed dark skin made you less human were offended. Some were so offended that they shouted vulgarities, threatened, and even killed those they disagreed with, including King himself. 
The irony of holding a sign that reads “Praying to End Judgment,” while judging the ideas and motives of those you’re standing against, is striking. Unless you believe that everyone is always right, (which she must not believe or she wouldn’t have been there) you must judge between ideas. 
King said it this way: “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” He was not speaking against judging, but speaking for judging rightly. Judging on a fair and right basis. 
If anyone met my daughter at the grocery check-out, I’m certain they would judge her one of the kindest people they have ever met. If they asked her what she was up to, she would likely be shopping for the disabled woman she cares for or maybe picking up some items for Safe Family Ministries women’s shelter.
Even if the conversation drifted into the uncomfortable territory of abortion, I doubt they would call her vulgar names; no one is that obnoxious. So let’s talk. Let’s judge. But let’s judge ideas, not people. 
We’re there to judge the idea that being small and unborn makes a baby less human. We’re there to judge the idea that it’s OK to discriminate against an innocent and defenseless human being. If you’ve been led to believe abortion is OK, or have had an abortion, we’re there to help you find truth, forgiveness and a new start to life.
Professor, thank you again for your courage. I hope we can talk some more in the future. We would love to have you as our guest for dinner at our home one day. We don’t consider you our enemy, but a victim of misinformation. We don’t want to condemn you or anyone else, but to offer the forgiveness, healing and hope freely given by Jesus Christ. 
Ted Bowes

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