Saturday, May 6, 2017

40 Days for Life Leaders Symposium!

The Symposium on Friday was so helpful and informational! Many leaders shared their tips and advice from what they have learned during their vigils/campaigns. And there were also SO many amazing and heartbreaking as well as inspiring and hilarious stories. What a blessing to be a part of! 

My speaking time went very well with only a few mistakes. :-) I felt nervous as usual at first, but the audience was so gracious and engaging it put me at ease pretty quick. God's grace is always sufficient, and I hope what I shared was encouraging to them all! Thank you so much for your prayers for peace! 

Hopefully I'll be able to post my speech on the blog once I can get it downloaded. :-)

A couple pictures! 

Julia (right) and her friend Annie, are so sweet and were such a blessing to meet! Julia is younger than me, but is so mature and is thinking of leading a campaign sometime in the future. She's very courageous! 

Adorable and bubbly Cynthia! :-) 

Catherine made me laugh as we shared our same fears of public speaking! :-) She's hilarious and so humble too!  

The front half of the symposium room full of around 60 leaders and their spouses! 

 After the Symposium ended we drove 5 hours to Monterrey Bay, CA and after a good night's rest spent the day today (Sat.) at the Monterrey Bay Aquarium! So much fun seeing some AMAZING animals and sea creatures! (Sorry for the picture quality; these are off my phone) 

Beautiful evening to end a wonderful trip! 

These last two are from my mom's blog!  For more pictures check out her blog here! Only One Day Like Today

We leave tomorrow morning to head back home! Thank you all again so much for your prayers! Love and miss you all, and may God bless and uphold each of you with his grace, love and strength as you love and serve Him. 

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