Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Response to Teen Vogue From a Pro-Life Teen

You may have heard about the article in the magazine Teen Vogue, seeking to "normalize" and "trivialize" abortion to young teen girls. The name of the article -What to get your friend Post- Abortion. It then lists 10 things to bring your friend after her abortion from a comedy show, to a F U-terus Pin, to an "angry uterus heating pad" and more. It even encourages young girls to become escorts for abortion clinics to make it "less scary" for the next teen girl. I haven't read the article and frankly I don't even want to. How horrible that this kind of material is being fed to vulnerable young teen girls. And how insensitive it is to the terrible trauma and pain abortion causes women. Behind this article is the abortion giant Planned Parenthood whose billion dollar corporation will do anything to normalize abortion and encourage young girls to have them. 

Autumn, a brave young 16 yr old girl from Students for Life responded to Teen Vogue in a YouTube video now gone viral. I encourage you to watch it and hear the truth she so eloquently exposes. 

We must de-fund the abortion giant Planned Parenthood and send that million-dollars-a-day of tax payer funding to expand access to affordable healthcare through non-abortion Federally Qualified Community Healthcare Clinics.  

If you haven't signed the petition to defund Planned Parenthood please do! 


  1. Great video by Autumn, I have seen the video a couple times so far, and my brother actually met Autumn not too long ago.
    I don't mean to make an issue of anything, but I believe putting much effort into defending PP is a poor choice in time spent, I have signed it before, and honestly I think it would be good if PP was not taxpayer funded....but, I think incrementalism is part of the reason abortion is not abolished already, I think as Christians we must be bold in opposing the slaughter of the most defenseless among us, and I think in passing bills to regulate murder instead of end it is not the best use of our efforts, or even what we should do.
    I'm not saying not to sign it, but that defunding PP is not going to stop them, as they have plenty of other means of funding. Thus I think efforts should be concentrated elsewhere. Thoughts?

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts James. I appreciate your efforts in thinking through the best ways to spend our time in the abortion battle. I did a little research on Planned Parenthood's funding and they claim if they lost the $500 Million-a-year tax-payer funding, "it's not realistic to expect donations alone to keep an organization as large as PP going." (According to PP, other than the funding they receive, they accept donations and medicaid patients to make up the extra costs.) Additionally, they claim 390 ,000 women would lose access. Seeing how PP commits 320,00 abortions a year and provide 34.9% of US abortions. . . this would be a HUGE success in saving lives and sparing men and women from a lifetime of regret. See the left-wing article here: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/can-planned-parenthood-survive-without-federal-funds/
    If de-funding PP was the only pro-life effort then yes, I would agree our time would probably be best served working to change the culture and spread truth. But thankfully there are MANY organizations working hard to shift the culture from death to life like Students for Life, Pregnant on Campus initiative, Life Training Institute, Live Action, Center for Medical Progress, The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform. PRC (pregnancy resource centers) outnumber abortion clinics 3-1 and AFA is launching a nationwide campaign to provide ultrasounds to them which will drastically reduce abortions. Focus on the family is working to strengthen marriages and families and provide pro-life resources as well as parenting resources to families. Abortion centers are closing too! Around 95 have closed or are closing in the past 10 years; many of them closing following 40 Days for Life vigils. 40 Days for Life is the largest organization of Christians, that have made a HUGE impact on the nation as God hears and answers our prayers. Filmmakers are making short films and Hollywood productions to promote life (The maker of God's not Dead are now making the film Unplanned to share Abby Johnson's story and feature 40 Days for Life.)
    My thoughts are de-funding PP is a HUGE step to save lives and spare women and men from regret. And then we need to get involved and support other ways to end abortion in our local areas communities through 40 Days for Life/Students for Life on Campuses etc. There are many ways to work in the pro-life cause, and they are all making a difference in their own ways/communities!

  3. Sorry for my delay in response... I forgot about it in the midst of a lot of busyness.
    I can't seem to find what source I gathered my information from, but whatever it was, it stated that taxpayer funding was a very small portion of how they were funded.
    With that said, I still don't believe it's the best use of time and effort, but it's something, and definitely a big step in ending abortion.
    I'm glad to hear Abby's story is being published, I watched a documentary about her a few years back and am currently reading unplanned.
    Thanks for what you're doing!
    God bless you!