Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Babies have the right to life... matter their circumstances! 
(Written by Robyn Bowes) 

I think each one of us that goes out to pray on the sidewalks in front of PP (usually in wet and cold conditions!) wonder if it is truly worth it, or if anyone is influenced by our presence there.  (Well, we do get LOTS of feedback from the drivers driving by, both positive and negative! So we know that we are having an effect on people!) But you always wonder if our time there REALLY makes a meaningful impact on anyone. 

On Tuesday afternoon, the Lord provided a little encouragement to me that my presence that day was a divine appointment for at least one person that had a genuine question about abortion in certain circumstances. The driver pulled up to the curb that I happened to be standing by and the passenger called me over saying she had a question for me.  I immediately got a little nervous wondering what this question was going to be, and would I have a good answer?  Her question was something like this, "What about the "crack" babies?"  I took that to mean that she was worried about the babies that have been exposed to cocaine (and probably other drugs as well) while in the womb, and if not aborted, would they be severely impaired/unwanted/abandoned/ or a drain on society etc.

Oh boy!  In such a situation you don't have time to think and process just the perfect response. You just have to trust that the Lord will speak through you; giving you the words to say.  So the words that rolled out of my mouth went something like this . . ."Well, we happen to have four of these precious babies in our house.  Being exposed to drugs is definitely not worth killing them, right?  And there are lots and lots of families that are waiting to welcome them into their lives and homes through adoption!"  She and her driver thought a second then both nodded their heads. She thanked me and then they drove off. 

It really blessed my heart to think that it wasn't a coincidence that I happened to be the one on the curb at that moment on that afternoon. . . and the one that was standing closest to that stoplight were people frequently stop to ask questions or give comments. When given opportunities to speak/pray with people I think all of us worry if we said the right thing and if we were loving and gracious enough in our communications. But we can always trust that God will speak through us!

  Please pray with us for this lady who seemed genuinely searching for the right answer to the question she was honestly mulling over in her mind.  Perhaps this moment will have a ripple effect to others if this little bit of information coupled with the power of prayer changes her thinking on the value of life. . .. no matter what the circumstances!  You never know how God can use that moment in her life, not only to change her thinking, but to impact others that she may share this TRUTH with. That every life is worth matter the circumstances.

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