Monday, March 6, 2017

Standing in the Rain - 40 Days for Life Day 3 Update

For the past 3 days, I have been joined by so many brothers and sisters while standing in the rain on behalf of Christ and the hope and mercy that is found in Him alone. And there have been SO many more that have been praying for this effort in their homes, prayer meetings, personal devotions, while "holding down the fort" at home (mom you are amazing!) or while working or serving in other ministries!  I've personally experienced and also witnessed the power of God that transforms lives as I've seen my fellow brothers and sisters step out of their comfort zones and into the storm to obey God's leading; praying for the hurting and for the lost. Interceding for the voiceless. 
I've seen the incredible power of prayer - as big and small prayers have been answered within minutes.  At one point I got so cold and wet I prayed simply, "Well Lord, I'm gonna need a little extra strength if you want me to stay out here for much longer." ... within literally 15 seconds God sent an angel that offered to buy me a hot drink, promptly bringing me a 20oz. piping hot spiced Chai Tea Latte! (My Favorite!)  
And what's even more amazing about the power of prayer, in the first 3 days God's given us 2 opportunities to pray with/for women in need of hope. Most of you know of Joyce already; the beautiful homeless girl who asked us to pray for her.  Through tears she said "I've come to a really low place lately and I need God. I've been through many programs, but I still could never change because God wasn't in it." I hope and pray we will see her again in the next 37 days.  And I pray He will water the seeds He planted in her heart through our prayers and words of truth. 
Friday morning an older lady that may have been one of the staff at PP, or perhaps a counselor there (?) marched out to share her concerns with us. Valerie, Victoria and I listened to her personal story of incest at a very young age followed by an abortion. She told us that no women should be forced to carry that child.  To make what could be a long story short, she also listened as I shared with her our purpose to peacefully pray for ALL those affected by abortion - especially those who have been abused. And I also mentioned that we were praying for the staff at PP as well.  Afterwards, I sensed a softening in her body language and so I asked to pray with her.  With her consent we wrapped our arms around her as she did the same, and we prayed for a while...up until I mentioned God's forgiveness towards her; which she is unwilling to accept at this point.  As she walked away I thanked her for sharing her concerns, and she thanked us for listening.  Please pray for her!  
I've been so amazed by how God has blessed His endeavors in my hands and raised up so many prayer warriors!! The Kick-Off was so blessed Tues. night, and the first day was AMAZING praying with so many brothers and sisters from Chehalis Foursquare! My heart was also SO encouraged by praying with my amazing, awesome, courageous and sweetest church family out there all day yesterday! (Sorry, I think I'm biased!) Plus we had a few awesome other peoples from Mt. View Baptist, St. Mary's and Cent. Christian School come out!  Honestly, I had a lack of faith expecting only 2-3 people per hour at best.  Well, God brought a steady stream of an average of 8 people an hour all day long...even in the pouring rain and wind! :-) Have I mentioned how powerful prayer is yet???  I love you all!  God is good!
If I had known the storm that would come spiritually: "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness..." (Eph. 6:12)  Emotionally: as I've seen the pain, anger and indifference of women and men in our young lady even declared she had had an abortion that morning (3/3) as her boyfriend drove her by. I pray she will know "there is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus" (Romans 8:1)  And physically: I never knew I could live on a few hours of sleep, and my muscles have long since wondered what in the world I'm doing shivering and standing the past few days :-) If I had known all this... I probably would have chickened - out at the start.  But, that's when God shows His power and grace more richly and abundantly.  When we are weak; He is strong.  When we feel inadequate; He gives us courage and the ability to do what He's called us to do. When it seems impossible He says,"with man this is impossible, but with God, ALL things are possible." (Mtt. 18:20-21) NASB

I'm sure you ALL can identify with my testimony in some way!  So many of you have shared your honest fears and apprehensions.  Some of you have thought....will this really make a difference? JUST prayer... the rain.... really?  But, you did it anyway.  And what did you find?? God's presence with you and that it's really not as intimidating as it once seemed ... right? And YES! your prayers really do make a difference! :-)  May God bless you all for your courage and kindness.  May we press on trusting in our almighty God and Savior; living for the praise of His glorious grace!

And know that THOUSANDS of believers in the US and abroad are praying with you every day for the next 36 days! 

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