Sunday, March 12, 2017

Pictures from week 2!

Just a sampling of the awesome peoples that have come out for 40 Days for Life! 

There are still SO many I haven't had the chance to photograph. Please feel free to take pictures while you're out there and send them to me!  I would LOVE to have pictures of you all! 

J.'s world is a very happy place! Thanks for brightening up the day J! You're awesome! 

Some friends from Ultimate Frisbee! 

Most of the beautiful L. Family! Love you all! 

Thank you sweet S. family! 

Sweet sisters!  

Of one of the dear sweet believers that comes almost every day during lunch.  I've had the pleasure of meeting Mr. and Mrs. T and they are such a blessing!
God brought these two happy people on Saturday. Dr. M. and his sweet daughter made my day...even bringing me a free Chinese food dinner! God is good! 
This picture was from Friday 3/3 but I wanted to post it since I haven't yet.  A great turnout...even in the downpour! 

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